Inflammation in different organs tends to cause serious diseases and same is the case with the ulcerative colitis as well. It takes place because of increased inflammation in the large intestine.

Medical conditions need to be diagnosed on immediate basis and when left aside the accumulation of symptoms and worsening of condition causes serious problems. Ulcerative colitis is also such kind of medical condition which needs timely treatment, if left untreated it may cause many issues to take place and hence the patient suffers badly in the longer run.

What Is Ulcerative Colitis?

Ulcerative colitis is a bowel disease which takes place when the lining of the colon which is a part of large intestine tends to get inflamed. This inflammation turns into the sores that develop on the edge of the color. The sores that have developed on the opening of colon have a tendency to bleed as well and cause pain and discomfort.

How to Identify Ulcerative Colitis? (i)

Ulcerative colitis causes symptoms which are never constant and they sometimes come and sometimes go depending upon the level of disease. The symptoms of this condition even change with the passage of time and need attention in many cases, a few such symptoms that help in identification of the disease may comprise of the following:

  • Pain in abdomen
  • Bleeding while passing stool
  • Sharp pain in rectum
  • Continuous episodes of diarrhea
  • Feeling of being feverish
  • Sudden loss of weight
  • Sores in mouth
  • Allergy on body
  • Feeling nauseous all the time
  • Loss of red blood cells

There could be many other symptoms of this condition as well and every person has different symptoms sometimes when the condition gets worsen it may cause some serious symptoms as well and emergency treatment may be required.

Diagnosis of Ulcerative Colitis

In the usual cases, by way of assessing the ulcerative colitis signs the doctors draw a conclusion that a patient suffers from this medical condition, however there are other methods as well which help much in the diagnosis of this condition and that may comprise of:

  • Doctors prefer conducting blood tests this shows the position of red blood cells and in case if it is low the doctors are able to pick that there is bleeding in the body.
  • Taking samples of stool is also one method by which doctors assess the presence of ulcerative colitis in the body.
  • MRI and CT scan is also one of the technique by which a doctor examines the internal organs.
  • Endoscopy is also conducted in many cases especially when the patient is reporting severe symptoms of ulcerative colitis.

How Is Ulcerative Colitis Treated?

When it comes to considering the ulcerative colitis symptoms treatments are always required and there are many ways in which this condition may be treated.

  • In the case where the condition has not gone bad the doctors may provide for certain medications which may be oral as well as creams which are applied tropically on the area of passing stool which helps reducing the discomfort caused by sores.
  • Sometimes with the worst cases doctors even prescribe surgery which helps then removing the inflamed part so that the patient may lead a normal healthy life back again.
  • Changes in lifestyle also bring about a way to treat the condition of ulcerative colitis.

Lifestyle Changes to Treat Ulcerative Colitis (ii)

Although medications are offered by many doctors to treat the patients suffering from ulcerative colitis but when it comes to bringing some changes in the lifestyle a lot of people have been able to totally get rid of it without medications. By following the below suggested tips one may easily get rid of the condition in no time.

Diet Changes

The first change to bring about when trying to get rid of ulcerative colitis is the change in diet, people who have a habit of consuming huge amounts of fast food, oily food, meat and fizzy drinks must in the first place stop consumption of all these. The way these foods trigger the sores is totally unimaginable it would only worsen the condition and frequent trips to washroom will cause more pain and discomfort. Instead a person suffering from ulcerative colitis must consume more and more fruits, vegetables, drink plenty of water and opt for pulses instead of meat because meat causes the inflammation to increase very rapidly.

Incorporate Workout

People who suffer from ulcerative colitis must try to incorporate some exercises in their daily routine because exercising is a very suitable way to get rid of this condition. It helps in losing weight and in return improves metabolism which helps to calm down the inflammation in the colon. Stress is also a trigger for the patients of ulcerative colitis and this is also reduced when a person carries out with daily exercises and hence dealing with ulcerative colitis becomes easy and sometimes eliminates the condition completely just by exercising.

Using Herbal Cure

Herbal cure is also one of a very commonly considered technique to treat the condition of ulcerative colitis many people who suffer from the pain while passing stool are recommended to either apply aloe vera gel in that part or turmeric paste, both these things have anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing the pain and discomfort also may heal the sores so one should incorporate the use of these.

Living with these painful conditions is never a piece of cake they have the ability to hinder all the daily things we have to do and hence must be treated with immediate effect so that doing out daily tasks could become easier. Many people who suffer from this disease also opt for surgery to get rid of it at once beauty even after that it is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle so that it doesn’t reoccur. People who have family history of ulcerative colitis or any other bowel disease must try to keep their diet balanced and healthy because they have a high chance of developing ulcerative colitis.