Wrinkle free beautiful skin is always something everyone looks forward to. To make this happen, Botox treatment is setting some exciting expectations for everyone out there.

Wrinkles and fine lines are very common these days on almost everyone’s skin, men or women no matter whatever the age group is. Wrinkles don’t only appear on the skin of old age people in fact they tend to get visible among youngsters too. Well, to deal with these the most recommended choice is Botox. Botox is made up of botulinum toxin which is injected in the skin using a needle. Other than reducing wrinkles Botox may be considered from many other issues too in the body and there are proven results of this treatment.

Pros of Botox Treatment (i)

Many people opt for Botox these days because it comes to many benefits and since it has a tendency to make your skin glow and appear nice everyone love to invest in the procedure, a few advantages which may be enjoyed with the Botox treatment may include:

Result Oriented Treatment

Many people wonder about the reliability of the skin treatments because sometimes they work with effective results and sometimes they don’t. Whereas, taking a look at the statistics of the Botox treatment it has proven results and many people have benefited out of it the way they expected. So, if you analyze Botox treatment in the context of being result oriented you can really enjoy the benefits.

Comfortable Procedure

Many skin procedures amount to be very harsh on the skin but when you choose to go for Botox you can always be at peace of mind that this procedure is extremely comfortable. The process itself takes very less time and is very quickly done moreover it’s just the pinch of needle which is felt and the rest of the process is all painless with no harsh methodologies involved.

No after Affects

It is observed that people have different skin treatments like dermabrasion or laser may have red patchy skin for a few days or may be for a few hours but this is never the case with Botox. This procedure has no downtime and you are good to go anywhere you want right after the procedure without any issues at all.

Immediate Result

You don’t have to wait long to have a look at the results of Botox, you can always get see visible difference within a span of few days and there is no long terms wait involved requiring more and more sessions.

No Added Risks

It is a risk free approach to get yourself a beautiful, wrinkle free and glowing skin. You can always have this procedure done with peace of mind that you won’t have to face any after affects later on in your body or on your skin which may be the case with other treatments. So, if you consider this treatment you can be at peace that it is a safe method.

Cons of Botox Treatment

Although Botox treatment has a lot of benefits but there are some downsides too which you must keep an eye on must be aware of before you head towards getting the procedure done.

Won’t Last Long

Keep this thing in your mind that it is a temporary kind of treatment, the results may last for few months only and after that you might need to get the procedure done once again. So, for some people this could be a pro and for some it could be a con. People who don’t like the results in the first place may get rid of them in a few months, however for the ones who are happy with the results may need another sessions within a year.

May Cause Allergy

Some people may have sensitive skin and so there is a chance they may come across some allergic reactions during the procedure however, they don’t last longer but could cause some irritation to the patient.

Expensive Technique

Skin treatments are always very expensive and hence the same applies for Botox treatment as well. So, you must know that the cost of Botox will always be high and you have to be prepared to pay it beforehand because if you are happy with it you may need to get it done more than once in a year.

Procedure of Botox Treatment (ii)

Although the entire process of Botox treatment doesn’t take much time but there is a set of steps which need to be followed in order to fulfill the procedure and it may comprise of the following three main steps:

  • The procedure itself doesn’t involve any kind of pain but still for the sake of being on a safer side and to keep the patient comfortable numbness is on the treated area is required. So, doctor would use a numbing cream on your skin before they start with the actual procedure.
  • Once your skin is prepared for the treatment the doctor will inject the botulinum in your skin using injections, very thin needles will be used and the injection will be applied at different area of the skin.
  • The patient is recommended to avoid massaging the skin for few hours because the procedure has been done freshly and there is a risk that the chemical may spread to other areas due to massage, therefore one must take care. However normal routine may immediately be started after the procedure.

The process of Botox treatment is not only limited to the extent of getting rid of wrinkles only, in fact people, who have issue of excessive sweating, need a way out for jaw slimming, to reduce the muscle pain and much more may be associated with Botox tournament.  Choosing this treatment has proven to be very helpful for a lot of people and has now become a very common method of treatment all over the world because of the exciting benefits people are able to enjoy with it. However, always choose the right skin specialist who is an expert in doing the job properly with no lack of experience.