Skin diseases are divided into many categories and among them psoriasis is also a very common condition. This condition causes a lot of damage and pain to the patient’s skin and must be treated as soon as possible.

It is very obvious that in order to treat every disease it is very important to understand it in the first place and having sufficient knowledge regarding your disease is always essential for your own self. If you know about the possible symptoms, diagnoses techniques, ways to prevent it and treatment options things become easier for you. Although attaining knowledge never eliminates the need to consult a doctor but it helps you in taking care of yourself beforehand.

What Is Psoriasis? (i)

In order to understand your condition you must first know what is it all about before going in the details. Psoriasis is a skin condition which appears on different parts of our body in the form of thick bumps which make the area scaly, patchy and red in color, it even itches. At any point when immune system of our body attacks on its own self because of any problem this condition takes place, it makes the cells build up in one area under the skin and that area turns in a red colored patch. It is commonly seen on the scalp, feet, hands and neck of a person and is pretty visible with its look.

Symptoms of Psoriasis

Psoriasis is divided in many kinds and every kind has more or less the same symptoms, a few psoriasis signs which you must be aware of in order to identify it may comprise of the following:

  • Red bumpy patches
  • Dryness on the patch
  • White colored scales developing around the patch
  • Too much of irritation in that area
  • Itching caused in the area
  • If psoriasis is over the nails, it will make them yellow and weak
  • Pain in the joints around psoriasis patch.

At any point when you encounter the above symptoms you must think of the possibility of this condition and start looking out for approaching a doctor because if you end up wasting time you might have to suffer in the worst way with psoriasis.

Treatment of Psoriasis

Once the diagnosis has been made that the condition of psoriasis exist in the body of a patient, doctors may prescribe plenty of options for treatment depending upon the condition of the disease and the kind of symptoms a person is facing.

Application of Creams

Since it is a skin disease doctors would always prescribe tropical creams which help in keeping the patch moisturized and also these creams are capable of eliminating the patch completely with the passage of time. Most of the time to treat such condition steroid based creams are prescribed by doctors but they cannot be used for a longer period of time for two reasons, one is that they make the skin layer thinner and the second one is that when you use them for a longer period of time they might stop working for you.

Treatment through Light Rays

Apart from creams another technique which helps in making the condition of psoriasis better is the treatment through light rays. Doctors prescribe the patient to spend some time of day in sunlight because it helps in the treatment of many skin diseases due to the sun rays being rich in benefits. Moreover, other than sun rays the ultraviolet rays have also proven to be suitable for treating many skin diseases and such treatments take place at the doctor’s office.

Drugs Injected for Treatments

Sometimes many medications are also injected by doctors in order to treat the condition of psoriasis. This stage comes after the above two techniques have been taken into use. These medications may have their side effects too but may be the last resort of treatment for the patients suffering from psoriasis.

Controlling Psoriasis at Home (ii)

Despite of being treated at once psoriasis tends to get back again as well and there are a few measures which if taken may help in prevention of the psoriasis condition.

  • Always keep the hands, feet and neck moisturized, dryness is one of the main causes which invites the condition of psoriasis and makes it worst, the more moisturizer is applied the better would be the condition.
  • Try not to scratch the patch of psoriasis and be very careful with it, always keep your nails short in order to protect them against any kind of skin disease.
  • Keep yourself prepared to face the cold weather because it has a lot of dryness to bring about. Make sure to keep yourself covered and heavily moisturized during winters so that these patches are not created in the first place.
  • Use of humidifier helps a lot in keeping your surroundings free from dryness so buy a humidifier for winters specially.
  • Try to spend some time in sunlight once a day it helps getting rid of the psoriasis disease.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle, if you have a routine of working and a healthy diet the chances to come across these diseases reduce and the same is even recommended for psoriasis.
  • The symptoms of psoriasis may get triggered due to the alcohol consumptions so make sure to keep it away from you.
  • There ere certain medications and spicy and oily food as well which flares up the condition of psoriasis and hence it must be avoided.

It is always suggested to exercise as many preventive measures as you can so that your condition may get better rather than going worst. Natural ointments like aloe extract have also proven to be a good solution for treating this condition, even tea tree oil, Epsom salt bath and the other natural remedies have helped people get rid of this medical condition and people have attained a serious difference without any medications. So, one must try these choices too before switching to steroids because they have their own downsides which may cause problems in the future.